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Our teachers are degree holders in the language they teach with postgraduate qualifications with many years of experience in teaching. Most teachers are native speakers of the language.

Beyond their technical skills and experience, our Teachers have high respect for every student, they are creative, have a pleasant personality and they are highly motivated.

Professional service is a very important objective for Interlead and that is why we maintain a highly trained administration team that deals with and resolves all daily routine matters so that teachers and students can focus only on language learning.

Mrs Efi Xenopoulou Pissouriou, founder of Interlead

Interlead was founded by Mrs Efi Xenopoulou Pissouriou in June 1994. The vision of creating a joyous small private school that will offer excellent knowledge of English to children was what led to the founding of the first small language centre which today has developed into a full Language Center with more than 100 different programs for children and adults.

Her academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, a Master’s degree (MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language) from the University of Reading in the UK, and a Diploma in French from the University of Le Mirail in Toulouse, France.

 I think that learning can become much more effective and enjoyable if a teacher employs methods that require intense and creative participation of the student such as dialogues, educational videos, the use of computers, writing on topics that interest them, conversation…


All these years have shown me something that I believed in right from the start: in education you can not only think as a business. Education is a vocation and you can’t survive if you don’t honestly love what you do. And you can’t teach if you don’t build a personal relationship with a student. Only then you can open the door of teaching. The job of the teacher, in the broadest sense, for me is a title of honor and never limited to the teaching of any subject. The teacher, is above all a mentor.

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