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DSC_9906Interlead Foreign Language Experts provides foreign language learning to children, adolescents and adults (company employees, corporate executives, professionals and entrepreneurs), Cypriot and foreigners, offering them an important qualification for employment, career advancement and recognition.

Our objective is to maintain a name that is synonymous with reliability, professionalism and leadership in what we do and thereby manage to maintain a leading position in language learning.

Excellent knowledge of English and other European languages today is absolutely necessary. Cyprus as an EU member is becoming more and more multicultural, and it has been proven that language skills build bridges among people of different nationalities and they increase employment and career advancement opportunities.

Interlead’s learning philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide practical skills in all four main skills of any language: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening comprehension. This is accomplished by selecting material that is based on the Communicative approach to language learning and by combining different learning methods such as:

  • Educational videos and images
  • Conversation practice
  • Role-playing
  • Listening practice
  • Internet pages and activities
  • Assignments and activities that promote teamwork

It has been proven that the use of technology in language learning is very effective as it makes learning more enjoyable, encourages participation and generally increases the interest and attention of the student. Of course we do not forget that modern tools have to be combined with very qualified and properly trained Teachers to achieve good results.

Accreditation by HRDA

Interlead is an accredited training center by the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (HRDA – )

Interlead has succeeded to obtain accreditation from the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus and we are in a position to offer a number of specialized language training programs to various employers such as private companies, semi-government organizations, municipalities, foundations and others. These programs include Business English, Business Russian and Greek as a Foreign language. Eligible organizations are entitled to a subsidy of 80%.

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