Foreign language learning with the unique Interlead system

Learning foreign languages is an asset to your firm

Learning of foreign languages is a must for any company aiming for professional success and social recognition in today’s competitive business environment. Cyprus is quickly becoming a multinational country.

Many foreigners live and work here or have important business relationships with firms and individuals from Cyprus. Businesses who provide multilingual staff are one step ahead, especially with certain nationalities such as the Russians.Welcome phrase in different languages. Word clouds concept.

Interlead Foreign Language Centres can provide valuable language skills to selected members of your staff through fast -learning foreign language programs for adults under the unique interlead system, which combines different teaching methods to achieve impressive results.

Our system has been tested and refined for more than 20 years offering language learning to hundreds of students since 1994.

The language programs we offer include:

  • General English and Business English
  • Russian
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Greek as foreign language

All language programs can be offered at different levels depending on the student’s needs and can be administered in small groups (up to 9 adults), semi- private (up to 4 adults) or in private (one person). The Human Resource Authority of Cyprus can subsidize most programs.

Our unique system

The interlead system is based on a universal principle developed by the German psychologist Adler: if people are challenged enough they can increase their ability from 30% to 60-70% or more. Our system aims to increase the students` ability to learn by challenging them with different teaching methods based on modern books and rich audiovisual material.
Books and materials:

All the books and audiovisual material we use follow the Communicative Approach to language learning. The emphasis is on practical language skills rather than the theory of the language (grammatical rules etc). With the use of online language programs and videos, we provide a modern and pleasant way to acquire the necessary knowledge for the language.

Video Lessons

For every language we organise video lessons for the improvement of vocabulary, verbal expressions and correct pronunciation. Video offers picture and sound, thus helping students to memorize words, expressions and sounds more easily.

Conversation Class

Every week, students face the challenge of a short and casual Conversation Class based on the material taught during the week. The teacher sets the topic and every student participates in a short discussion of the topic while the teacher acts as a coordinator. The conversation may be recorded by a video camera and students have a chance to see how they look and how they sound when they speak the foreign language and, more specifically, their use of vocabulary, pronunciation skills, posture, clarity and other language aspects. In this way a complete cycle of speaking, listening and writing is completed which is very important for self – improvement.

We are highly organised to offer the best service to our students

Interlead ® is highly organised in all administration and service aspects so that teachers and students can focus only on learning. We make serious efforts to organise the right groups, assign the right teachers, create a pleasant environment and to take care of the many administration details needed for everything to be in order.


All of our teachers are University graduates. Most of them have post-graduate degrees and they are usually native speakers of the language.
The teachers are very pleasant, motivated and have excellent teaching abilities. We follow very strict recruitment, evaluation and training processes to ensure that all of our teachers maintain the desired high standards.

Size of Groups

Adult groups are very small. We place a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 9 students in each group. This is an ideal group size that ensures a team atmosphere while it allows enough participation time for all the students.
Class Schedule:

Groups meet twice a week on two non-consecutive days (eg. Monday – Thursday). Each day the student receives 2 periods of class time (i.e. 4 per week). A typical Adult Language course takes approximately 3 months.

Certificate of attendance

Upon successful completion of an adult class, the student is awarded with a Certificate of Attendance. To successfully complete the class, the student must be present at 90% of the classes and pass the final test.

If you are interested in organising a language program that will be fully customised to your firm’s specific needs, we can respond very quickly and very efficiently at a very competitive fee.

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