Children and Teenage Programs

Play & Learn

It was groundbreaking when we started in 1995 the Play & Learn program directed to young children aged 4 – 6 years. The program is offered at 2 levels ( Play & Learn 1, 2) leading to the Pre- Junior Level. The program aims to familiarize children with English before they even learn to read and write. By using images, songs, educational toys, videos and computers, children become familiar with the English Language and they are ready to join a regular Junior A Class.


Levels leading to IGCSE and IELTS

Junior A, Junior B, Preliminary, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency Levels provide a solid foundation of English Language skills which prepare students for their final year when they take the Cambridge University IGCSE exam and later on the Cambridge IELTS exam, that are necessary qualifications for entry into the University and for employment requirements. An Interlead student will earn 3 different English language qualifications: Anglia Proficiency diploma, Cambridge IGCSE and IELTS. We can also provide preparation for the TOEFL exam on request.

Similar programs leading to recognized language certification are offered in all major European languages such as German, Spanish, French and Italian and Russian.

Children Classes !

Proud to have taught languages to thousands of children and adults since 1994
Certified by the Ministry of Education and by the Human Resource Authority of Cyprus
Small groups or private lessons for all levels in 7 Languages (English, Russian, Greek as Foreign Language, Spanish, Italian, French, German). Friendly, Pleasant, Modern, Effective lessons.



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