cropped-chatterbox-image.pngWe are very pleased to announce the introduction of a special English conversation program rightly named Chatterbox.  

A program that focuses purely on speaking practice and to getting you more comfortable using your English language skills in every day work and social situations.

Classes are taught by our highly experienced and qualified native teachers who are also cheerful and friendly and have a fun approach and great teaching skills.

Courses consist of one weekly 60-minute lesson and feature various activities in different simulated settings like meetings, social gatherings, conferences…

The course also includes 2 social events during which students will have the opportunity to apply their skills and talk with native speakers in a safe and relaxing environment.

Chatterbox is offered to children, teens and adults with the content adjusted accordingly.

Topics will among others include:

  • That first impression – asking the right questions
  • Who am I – describing yourself and others, your job, likings, family
  • What’s it like – describing things, places, situations
  • Making good small talk – the most valuable skill at any business or social event
  • I’m always on time – business etiquette and vocabulary
  • Let’s ‘talk shop’ – talking about work, explaining various aspects of your job
  • Meetings, meetings, meetings – how to organize, record, participate in meetings
  • Let me tell you – presenting your point of view in a business or social setting
  • Practice, practice, practice – 2 social events to practice your newly acquired skills and talk/listen to native speakers
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