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Foreign language experts
Interlead offers language programs in 7 European languages , leading to internationally recognised certifications.
Levels leading to IGCSE and IELTS
Junior A, Junior B, Preliminary, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Proficiency Levels provide a solid foundation of English language skills
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Fast learning 30-hour programs in English or Russian !
We have new groups starting throughout the year! These are 30 hour programs subsidised by the Human Resource Authority of Cyprus by 80%.
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Proud to have taught languages to thousands of children, teens and adults since 1994. Interlead is a Certified Language Center by the Ministry of Education and by the Human Resource Authority of Cyprus.
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Join our annual charity and fun events!
The Interlead family likes to maintain traditions and cultural celebrations while organizing events for a good cause!


Professional English or Russian online courses 2022 !

New Registrations !!
To register, simply call us at 25-338522
• Fast-learning 30-hour programs (10 WEEKS ONLY!)
• 80% subsidised by the Human Resource Authority (HRDA) (cost only €90 per person)
• We can register up to 10 employees from the same company
• Certified, internationally experienced and highly qualified trainers
• Only 2 convenient weekly sessions (after 6pm)
• hundreds of employees and managers have attended our programs since 2004
From our experience, it is absolutely certain that these programs will greatly contribute to the improvement of communication between your staff and your customers resulting in better customer service and more sales!
We are available for further details and we’ ll be very glad to have your Staff in our programs.
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